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In 1919, Marcellin Leroy set up a business based on electric motors and energy production. A man ahead of his time, his company has from the very outset developed a role at the forefront of twentieth century technological progress.
The company has always been in the vanguard of the constant development of the industry. From the single motor used to drive a factory in the 20's to present day motors designed for specific machine functions, the company's strength lies in its ability to anticipate new requirements and expanding markets.
In parallel with its continuing industrial growth, LEROY-SOMER has established a growing presence in the world market.
The company offers an enormous range of drive systems whose standard components - induction motors, self-starting synchronous motors and DC motors - can be combined with gearboxes for adapting torque and speed, brakes for controlling movement, and electronic speed controllers for control, monitoring and positioning.
LEROY-SOMER is also world leader in the field of energy production, with an extensive range of low and medium-voltage alternators.


LSA 37-4P / 7.5-17 kva.pdf  
LSA 42.2 - 4P /17.3- 31.5 kva.pdf
LSA 43.2-4p / 35-80 kva.pdf
LSA 44.2-4p / 90-165 kva.pdf
LSA 46.2-4p / 180-315 kva.pdf
LSA 47.2-4p / 365-600 kva.pdf
LSA 49.1-4p / 660-910 kva.pdf     
LSA 50.1-4p / 1025-1580 kva.pdf
LSA 51.2-4p / 1860-2250 kva.pdf

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