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CLARK has been the inventor of the forklift truck – more than 90 years ago. Ever since then has CLARK concentrated on the manufacture of forklifts and further development as a market leader in that field. Many of the features which you find in any forklift truck today have been based on the idea and the subsequent invention and integration of the dedicated staff at CLARK.
CLARK has originated as a U.S. company, meanwhile grown to become a truly global company with its headquarters having moved to Korea only a few years ago. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S. and South Korea, with an assembly plant being inaugurated some 2 years ago in China. We shall commence the assembly of electric forklift trucks in Germany in 2010, followed by an assembly plant in Brazil in 2011. All our Diesel-driven forklift trucks are being manufactured and assembled in South Korea at the present time; with the exception of the CQ-series which is being assembled in the new plant which has been built and inaugurated China some 2 years ago.

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