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Gasoline generators :

QASWAA ALBARARRY is the regional dealer of ELEMAX generators in Iraq .
ELEMAX is our total brand name of gasoline and diesel engine generators and welders.
In 1992, the production of ELEMAX generators and welders has been started.Now they are widely used by
worl customers as quality products.
We have continued to make efforts to develop, produce and promote ELEMAX products to provide very high
quality and reliable products to the customer. Especially to achieve our purpose, we continued to assemble
them in Japan and use Japan made engine, alternator and other main parts.
Many type of voltage to supply to many countries are available and the capacity of 1 to 25kVA are also
available to be satisfied by many customers .
EX Series.pdf                                SHX1.pdf                                 SHG1.pdf

                     sh110001.PDF                                      sh7001.pdf                                         sh1900.pdf 
                           shx80001.PDF                              sh15d.pdf                                  shw190.pdf 

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